I design employee interactions and human experiences that make work meaningful, engaging and fun. Because when work feels like home we all feel like we belong


I've spent the last 13years working HR and Talent related positions and have experience leading large, global, multi-disciplinary teams.  I've learnt many things and managed to unlearn a few along the way as well.  What has shaped me most deeply is what has been most memorable, and so I believe that when we design for memory and emotion we can create a greater, longer lasting impact. 

Ideas only change the world when they change our behaviour.  As an executive for a global firm I've learnt how to drive behavioural change at scale. It's hard.  Really, really hard.  But we now have a unique opportunity to leverage the amazing advancements in understanding human behavior and the learning from digitized experiences and design to create new types of truly human interactions.

I am passionate about the role work plays in our lives.  It's big.  Whether you work to live or live to work you're shaped by, connected to and a part of the team, community or moments that flow to and from your work.  So whether work is big or small in your life I think it's worth the time to design a work day, a career or an experience that is more joyous and more meaningful than the one that was there before.  If we can add more joy and meaning to our work then we can add more joy and meaning to the world.

I've created numerous frameworks, tools and enablers to support individuals, teams and large groups to understand, contextualize and create.  I know I can only bring my own perspective to a problem and so I use design thinking and design research to help find the right approach and then pair up with experts to help create solutions.  This includes multi-disciplinary expertise in:

- Behavioural Science & Neuroscience

- Behavioural Psychology & Behavioural Economics

- Social Science and Psychology

- Interaction Design and Experience Design

You might be thinking that for someone focused on HR, talent and the future of work that there is not much there about HR.  You're right.  The future of work can be whatever we want it to be and the pace of change shows that what has come before might have very little bearing on what the future looks like.  But one thing is clear - the role of humans needs to be central. 

I absolutely love working with others and can't wait to make more stuff.

Outside of work I'm a devoted father to two dogs and a serial bruncher.  I believe that everything is good in moderation, including moderation.