We belong at the point where our life and work intersect.

The experiences we have each day define who we are, and ensuring we feel at home in these experiences is the most effective way to build connection and harmony in the way we impact society.  I design experiences, tell stories and connect with others to help people see the importance of belonging in the experiences employees and communities have each and every day.  

Here are the key themes for the future of work.



Purpose and intrinsic motivators inspire differential effort and allow people to find their unique gifts and aspiration and how to share them in service of others.  Bringing meaning into the workplace benefits business, employees and customers equally.



As social beings it’s important to build a network to achieve together, inspire others and include all the people who make our lives, communities and societies whole.  When we truly belong, we can leverage our social capital for maximum effect.



Value is the outcome of action which is the product of behavior.  We know more about human cognition and behavior than ever before, and yet so many businesses use outdated thinking.  The opportunity of today for business is designing for behavior and change.

Design and creativity are the #1 skills for people that want to create the future


The opportunities of today are matched only by the level of complexity in finding the right way forward.  Design is the mindset we need for navigating these challenges and unlocking value.  With robotics and automation taking away transactional and thinking jobs it follows that the future of work is in what makes us truly human - creativity and emotion.

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